Steering Service and Repairs

Worn steering and drive line components can cause misalignment of your vehicle. At TGM we perform a complete steering and suspension check which is part of our wheel alignment service.

The power steering system is a great feature found in most vehicles. It contributes to the driver being able to operate the vehicle safely, easily and comfortably.

Your cars power steering system is very complex system which requires a regular service. A power steering service involves a safety and performance inspection of the entire system. At TGM our highly experienced mechanics that can inspect and accurately diagnose any issues you may have with your steering. We can repair and replace all steering components such as the power steering pump, drive belts, bearings, valves, hoses and seals.

Power steering fluid

The power steering fluid lubricates the steering system. Most fluids are either mineral oil or synthetic blended with additives. At TGM we check the power steering fluid with every service to ensure appropriate fluid viscosity for maximum power steering performance.

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