Electronic Fuel Injection

At TGM we have invested heavily in our state of the art diesel workshop, we are equipped to offer the highest level of expertise in diesel fuel injection. We are able to service all vehicle make and models and only use leading manufactured spare parts by Bosch, Delphi Denso for all our customer vehicles. Our highly qualified mechanics have full access to a comprehensive range of diagnostic tools enabling them to accurately diagnose service and rectify a wide range of electrical and

computer generated faults. We are able to service all vehicle make and models

At TGM we can diagnose the following:

  • Fuel injection problems on all diesel engine
  • DPF-Diesel particle filter problems
  • Exhaust emission faults
  • Engine management faults
  • Flat spot problems and misfiring
  • ABS faults

Fuel Injection systems

Fuel injection is a sophisticated system that controls the delivery of the fuel. It can be found on all new cars currently produced. Fuel injection systems help to:

* Lower the levels of pollution

* Increase the car’s performance

* Reduce the car’s fuel consumption

Fuel injectors become worn and blocked over time with contaminants and residue build up. This is the most common problem we see with injectors. By servicing and maintaining your fuel injection system with us you will notice a big difference in your vehicle performance and power.

TGM services, repairs and maintains all types of fuel injection systems for all makes & models of cars, 4wds and light trucks. We are the leading specialist in fuel injection. So whether your vehicle is powered by diesel or petrol then you have come to the right place to keep the injectors in prime and pristine condition.

Our team at TGM are highly trained & qualified in petrol and diesel fuel injection. With regular upgrades to the latest equipment and with on-going training for our technicians, we are always at the cutting edge of the industry.

Our fuel injection services includes

  • Common Rail Diesel Diagnosis
  • Maintenance & Repairs
  • Fuel injector cleaning

Common Rail Diesel.

TGM is specialised and well equipped with all the high standard requirements to cater for Diesel injection services. Our experienced mechanics can test calibrate and repair pumps and injectors for a vast range of diesel applications and brands. We are one of the very few workshops that offer this specialised service to our diesel vehicle customers.

The term “common rail” refers to the fact that all of the fuel injectors are supplied by a common fuel rail which supplies all cylinders with fuel. Common rail diesel injectors share a single fuel rail that is driven by a high pressure mechanical Pump, where the fuel pump output and pressure and injectors are all controlled by an engine control unit ECU. This ECU controls the timing and volume of injection perfectly to optimise performance.

At TGM we offer a comprehensive Diesel fuel injection diagnosis and service by the use of the carbon ZAPP testing unit. This innovative and advanced unit allows us to effectively and accurately measure fuel pressure, flow, and vacuum and exhaust back pressure.

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